Soft Robots

Soft Robots explores new forms of play when reconfigurable robots interact with humans and the world.


JP_Shifter JP_We are one JP_Pyramidion JP_Grub JP_Joyskin LK_introvert LK_flerting1 LK_tatudobem1 LK_tatudobem2 LK_flerting2 Morphing AB_triangularbird AB_ElectroCarpet AB_Aspirator Worm_LB Butterfly_LB


Botsnake modular Kytoon Glamorous Magnetic puppet Gardeners Mimosa Pudica Pudica's brain dump Bouncing Body Echo 2 Recherches Recherche 2 Recherche 3 Transformist polygons barbule interaction


Soft Robots is a semester project of Master 1 students of the Master Media Design, HEAD — Genève in collaboration with the EPFL Reconfigurable Robotics Lab and its director Jamie Paik. The project leads are Laure Krayenbuhl & Douglas Edric Stanley, with assistance from Nicolas Baldran & David Héritier. Students: Gabriel Abergel, Leyla Baghirli, Aurélie Belle, Amsatou Diop, Laïs Kunzendorff, Johan Pardo.